Meet The Cookie Man.

Kelvin “Cookie Man” Moses

Kelvin Moses, also known to many as simply Moses or Cookie Man, is a former NFL Linebacker for the NY Jets. Drafted out of Wake Forest, he was considered one of the best players of his time, earning Team Captain Awards on every football team he played for.  After 3 years of playing pro football, he made the tough decision to walk away, determined to maintain his health and to pursue his calling of helping youth. His goal has always been to help youth with new opportunities, guidance and support in sports and in life.  Considered as a “Pay It Forward” approach, he believes that if he hadn’t received support as a young student, he would not have had the amazing experiences, opportunities and achievements throughout his life.  Immediately following his football career, Moses came across the opportunity of working with a fundraising company, “Classic Cookie”, that allowed him to both give back and grow into a new career he was passionate about.  After 10 years of growing their company into a nationally known brand “Classic Cookie”, Moses decided to relocate and start his own fundraising company in Atlanta, GA.  He proudly introduces “COOKIE MAN LLC” .